You’ve found us!

The newest community radio station in Flagstaff is KOII 94.5FM Radio Free Flagstaff. We are a low-powered FM radio station transmitting at a range of 5-10 miles from our transmitter located in downtown Flagstaff at the historic Orpheum Theater. We operate under the umbrella of Weavel, Inc – an Arizona 501c3 formed to promote arts and education. We aim to provide diverse programming that highlights the depth and breadth of Flagstaff’s musical, artistic, charitable, athletic, and scientific communities.

Our programming already serves a broad palate of musical tastes (check out our program schedule) and in upcoming months we will develop, produce and introduce special interest programs such as (loosely titled):

Letters From Home  – interviews of and readings by local authors of their own works hosted by Tony Norris.
Pioneer Hour – sharing stories and history of the days of past when living in Flagstaff was for the tough and determined.
Children’s Weekend Show – an alternative to the TV with storytelling, music and special guests appealing to the whole family.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! We welcome show ideas from community organizations, niche interest groups and individuals. We getting ready to take some HUGE steps to grow Radio Free Flagstaff. Find out how you can get involved here.